HKAUW Undergraduate Scholarship 2015/16

Application deadline: Noon on 14 September 2015 (Monday)

Quantity: To be decided by Donor [APSS will nominate 1 student to compete with nominees of other PolyU departments and institutions]
Amount: HK$5,000- each

Application Eligibility
-full-time student of BASW, BASPA programme;
-female student;
-non-first-year & non-final-year student in 2015/16 ;
-both local and non-local students are eligible;
-shortlisted nominees will be required to enrolled as HKAUW member with fee of HKD150-.

Selection Criteria
-have good academic performance in 2014/15 (cumulative GPA preferably over 3.5);
-demonstrate current active participation and involvement in community services.

Selection Procedures
1. APSS Scholarship Selection Panel will review all applications and nominate 1 student to FHSS;
2. FHSS will review nominations from departments and nominate 1 students to PolyU;
3. PolyU (via SSRL, Centre STARS) will review nominations from faculties and nominate 2 students to Donor;
4. PolyU nominee(s) shortlisted by the Donor must attend a selection interview on 21 November 2015 (Saturday). 
5. Final awardee is subject to the donors’ approval; and the donors reserve the right to withdraw the scholarships in case there is no deserving candidate or any other unforeseen circumstances;
6. Awardees will receive notification from SAO on payment arrangement.

Application Method
The application documents must be well-typed and submitted IN HARD COPY to APSS General Office (HJ 402) by noon on 14 September 2015, Monday. During non-office hours, applicants should place their applicant documents to the mailbox next to the counter. The application documents include:

1. *Completed Application Form with true signature on page 1 & 5 (click HERE to download)
2. *Copy of recent assessment result record OR copy of academic transcript;
3. *Two recommendation letters, one from the academic department and one from the community/voluntary service organization she is involved in; (required by Donor)
4. Other supporting documents:
4.1.List of non-academic achievement and personal statement (click to download);
4.2 Reference letter/ Copy of certificates or proof on extra-curricular activities and community services; [The Donor prefers a recommendation letter than a documentary proof (e.g. certificate/membership card) on individual community/voluntary service.]
4.3 Proof of financial needs (eg: government grants, loans, social security assistance etc)
(Item with * is compulsory.)

APSS will send an acknowledge email upon the receipt of application. If you hesitate whether the application is well received, please contact us ASAP. Late application will not be considered.

Results Announcement
Applicants who do not receive notification by December 2015 should consider their applications unsuccessful.   

-Applicants do not need to enroll as Associate member of HKAUW nor settle the membership fee payment at this stage.
-Since PolyU is requested to submit two nomination(s) to the Donor for 2015/16, the Office of Student Resources and Residential Life (SRRL) will conduct an internal selection in early October 2015. As requested by the Donor, the two nominees shortlisted by PolyU will have to enroll the HKAUW Annual Undergraduate membership for Undergraduate and settle the membership fee payment of HK$150.  SRRL will approach the shortlisted nominees regarding the membership enrolment and fee settlement after the internal selection.
-The PolyU nominee(s) shortlisted by the Donor must attend a selection interview on 21 November 2015 (Saturday).  Otherwise, they/she will not be considered for the Scholarship.
-The awardees are required by the Donor to serve the community for at least half a year after she has received the Scholarship which may include participating in community services project organized by HKAUW.
-Certificates and cheques will be presented to the awardees at the HKAUW Scholarship Presentation Ceremony cum Christmas Dinner scheduled on 19 December 2015 (Saturday). The awardees are required to attend the event. Absence will mean forfeiture of the Scholarship.
-One-fourth of the award (HK$1,250) will be retained by HKAUW and be released to the awardee subsequent to her submission of written proof of community services to the Donor. The services should be held between January to August 2016.

Email to or contact APSS colleagues at 2766 5742 (Miss Emily SIU).


Sept 2015