Departmental Journals and Occasional Publications

China Journal of Social Work

The China Journal of Social Work is the first academic English journal that is jointly edited by Hong Kong and mainland China academics. It is an internationally peer-reviewed journal, published by the Taylor and Francis Group and provides a platform for scholars within and outside mainland China to share research, teaching and practice experiences in social work. It is indexed in the bibliography of Asian Studies and Scopus.

Asian Journal of Gambling Issues and Public Health

In the last two decades, there has been an unprecedented expansion of legalized gambling worldwide, especially within the Asia-Pacific region. Such explosive growth generates both benefits and significant social and economic costs. From a public health perspective, the development of responsible social policies is essential in addressing problems and preventing potential harms associated with gambling.


Occasional Publications

The APSS occasional publication series is a platform provided for internal and external staff, researchers and postgraduate students to offer their informed perspective on policy issues, new research methodologies, essays, conference presentations, or summary of work in progress. All occasional publications undergo peer reviews to help ensure they meet high standards for research quality and objectivity.