APSS1A21 Service Leadership

CAR Subject

APSS1A21 Service Leadership 



The objectives of this subject are to enable students to:


  1. understand the contemporary models of leadership with reference to the service sector, including their assertions, strengths and weaknesses;
  2. demonstrate understanding of the basic leadership attributes intrinsic to effective service leaders;
  3. reflect upon the need for developing the qualities of effective service leaders and their own leadership qualities; and
  4. appreciate the potential application of knowledge on effective service leadership gained in this subject to oneself.


Reading and Writing Requirement

This subject will enable students to fulfill the English Reading and Writing requirement (ER/EW) which is one of the graduation requirements.



The best student will receive HK$5,000 scholarship funded by Wofoo Foundation, one quota for each semester.


Student Feedback

  1. “I experienced countless priceless moments. Certainly, most of them were unforgettably pleasant. However, some of them were great challenges for me. Throughout the whole journey, I was surely not an outstanding service leader, but at least I tried to be a competent leader.”
  2. ”I feel that I am now more concerned and more willing to listen to others; this characteristic is similar to “Care” in E=MC2. I feel that I have developed one of the criteria in “Care”, to show genuine care, concern and appreciation for self and others. In my opinion, it is great to see myself showing more “Care” towards others. I truly think that is an essential temperament for a leader, as leaders are responsible for taking care of their followers.”
  3. “I have experienced so many breakthroughs on myself, such as the quickest planning and the things that I have never done before and will never do again. Although it was only five days, I think it will be one of the memorable times in my life.”
  4. “We really shared our lives and even the problems we were facing in our lives. By listening to their stories, I was really influenced by their positive energy.”
  5. “It was a lecture with great fun.  I expect I can learn various things to be a service leader in the future during taking this subject.”
  6. “The video is interesting and so touching.  The lecturer led the reflection very well.”
  7. “The lecture helps us to understand ourselves more.”
  8. “The atmosphere is good.  Interaction is encouraged.  A nice lecture!”
  9. “The things taught in this class is quite useful which is beneficial to my growth in being an all-rounded leader!”
  10. “I really love this lecture cause it is entertaining with many class activities.”




Full-time or Part-time students undertaking a 4-year degree curriculum. 


Pre-requisite Requirement



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