APSS2S09 Service Leadership through Serving Children and Families with Special Needs

Service-Learning Subject

APSS2S09 Service Leadership through Serving Children and Families with Special Needs  



The objectives of this subject are to enable students to:

  • understand the core attributes of service leaders;


  • apply the core components of service leadership through the engagement of community-based service activities;
  • develop self-awareness of sharing and empathy to others and the community; and


  • reflect on their service leadership qualities, particularly intrapersonal and interpersonal  competencies.


Service Targets

Students will be required to provide care and service in one of the following service settings :

Offering Semester

Service Settings

Service Targets


Heep Hong Society

Preschool children with mental retardation, autism and learning difficulties

Society of Boys’ Centres

Children and adolescents with social and emotional problems

Wharf’s Project WeCan

Less-privileged secondary school students


Christian Zheng Sheng College

Children and adolescents with substance abuse and/or delinquent behavior


Service-Learning Project

Students will be divided into small groups to plan for and implement a service project.  Depending on the arrangement and needs of the service targets, different types of services may be provided by students.  Serving on some weekends or weeknights may be expected.


Tentative Schedule

The tentative schedule for this 2-semester subject is as below:

1st Term
  • e-learning through Blackboard
  • Preparatory Lectures, Seminars and Workshops
  • Service Planning and Preparation
  • Direct Service Delivery
  • On-going Reflective Journals

2nd Term

  • Direct Service Delivery 
  • Post-service Workshops and Group Presentation
  • On-going Reflective Journals


Actual schedule depends on agency needs, instructor’s plan and discussion with students.



Three students will each receive HK$5,000 scholarship funded by Wofoo Foundation, one quota for each offering semester.


Student Feedback

Sharing on Application of Professional Knowledge

  • “During the preparation of fashion show, I had applied my professional (Computing) in to the service by preparing a video clip “making-of the show”, which was shown in the event of the service. I received positive feedback from my classmates and school staff.”


  • “In career workshop, I built a mutual and trustworthy relationship with students by providing information of my programme (Accounting). Besides, I could show my genuine care and concern to the students by listening their worries and offering beneficial tips in revision for examination to them.”

Sharing on Improving Leadership Skills

  • “After the course, I learn to adapt in the ever-changing world and meet needs’ of people with diverse background. For example, I learn to control my emotion when students were not listening to my instruction. I learn to build trust and respect others when they shared their personal stories and experiences with me…Service learning is not only about providing service, but also learning through the process of providing service.”


  • “The workshop provided us to get closer with those students, and that was why I became more sensitive to their needs …. I think 40 direct service hours is not that hard to achieve if you are giving your heart into those events as well as the service targets. What I have gained is far more than what I gave. All those friendships and memories are valuable to me.”
  • “All in all the service learning does let me to be more passionate in helping children. I also gained my problem-solving and decision-making skills since there may be some sudden problems during the services.”


Sharing on Becoming a Service Leader

  • “Everyone has the potential to be a leader.  In the past, I was thought that the role of leader could only be taken by the best person in a group.  The services gave me another point of view, people are all capable to be a good leader.”


  • “I will be graduating soon in the next year and there is one question that bothers me a lot, which is "have I ever be proud of myself about what I have done or what I am good at?" …After finishing the service, I think I am able to do fluent public speaking and am capable of building relationship with others in a short period of time. After the service, I am so glad to hear positive feedbacks from the students and teachers. I feel a lot more confident about myself thanks to the help of the students and their teachers, whom ensure my abilities.”
  • “Holding services for the secondary school students was a valuable experience. I could meet both different seminar group students and secondary school students. I needed to work with my classmates to hold service and this could enhance my interpersonal skill. I also learned to plan activities for the people based on their needs even when there were different challenges.”


Full-time 4-year degree students

Pre-requisite Requirement

Subject Registration
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Offering Semester

Subject Registration Period

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