Outstanding Students Award (OSA) Scheme

Application deadline: Noon on 29 September 2015(Tuesday)

Department OSA: HK$2,000  (quantity: 1, to be competed among APSS applicants)
Faculty OSA: HK$3,000 (quantity: 1, to be competed among FHSS nominees)
PolyU OSA: HK$5,000 (quantity: 1, to be competed among Faculties’ nominees)

Application Eligibility
- All full-time final-year undergraduate students; OR
on credit-based programmes having completed two-third of the total number of credits required) at any degree/sub-degree programmes leading to PolyU award;
- Past awardees/candidates cannot be re-nominated again;
- Applicants must be free of disciplinary records.

Selection Criteria
- outstanding academic achievement,
- strong leadership ability,
- active involvement in extra-curricular activities,
- substantial community service experience and exposure, and
- good personal qualities.
- preferably the awardees of scholarships/prizes awarded during their undergraduate studies at PolyU.

Application Method
The application documents must be well-typed and submitted IN HARD COPY to APSS General Office (HJ 402) by noon on 29 September 2015, Tuesday. During non-office hours, applicants should place their application documents to the mailbox next to the counter. The application documents include:

1. *Completed Application Form with true signature on page 4 (click HERE to download)
2. *Copy of recent assessment result record OR copy of academic transcript;
3. * PowerPoint presentation showcasing your learning experience and achievements; (details and format are listed in nomination form)
4. Other supporting documents:
4.1.List of non-academic achievement and personal statement (click http://apss.polyu.edu.hk/files/b_-_list_of_non-academic_achievement.doc to download);
4.2 Reference letter/ Copy of certificates or proof on extra-curricular activities and community services;
(Item with * is compulsory.)

APSS will send an acknowledge email upon the receipt of application. If you hesitate whether the application is well received, please contact us ASAP. Late application will not be considered.

Selection Procedures
1.APSS Scholarship Selection Panel will review all applications and select one student to receive the “Department OSA (APSS)”;
2.Faculty of Health and Social Sciences (FHSS) will select one student to receive “Faculty OSA” among all “Department OSAs” from FHSS;
3.An adjudication panel will select the “PolyU OSA” among all “Faculty OSAs”.

Results Announcement
Nominees who do not receive notification by December 2015 should consider their application unsuccessful.   

Other Information
A Roll of Honour, in the form of a well-decorated plaque with the names of awardees of“PolyU OSA” and “Faculty OSA” inscribed on it, is to be erected at a prominent spot on campus frequented by students for a period of one year and be replaced by the next batch.

Email to info.apss@polyu.edu.hk or contact APSS colleagues at 2766 5742 (Miss Emily SIU).


Sept 2015