Research Students



ABBEY Eunice

Surviving the “tempest” and what the men say”; Well-being amongst rural women of Builsa District in the Upper East Region of Ghana


ALBERT Garrich Alabarce

Regulating e-entertainment? An ethno-corporative approach to the perception frames over Internet Governance for e-gaming


AU Kit Yee Algae 歐潔儀

Working Hard versus Working Smart: The Interaction Effect of Social Axioms on Academic Achievement among Adolescents in Hong Kong



Digital Diets: Online Triviality or Networked Commensality? An Ethnography of Food Practices Dealing with Chinese Computerised Media


CHAK Lai Yan Yammy 卓麗茵

Positive Youth Development Program and Economically Disadvantaged Adolescents in Hong Kong


CHAN Cheong Yu, Stephen

Social Participation: Neighbourhood and Neurons


CHEN Hangying 陈航英

The New Agriculture Operational Subjects: Capital Accumulation and Agrarian Transition in Rural China


CHIU Shui Kau 趙瑞球

A Study of Culture at Hong Kong Post-secondary Education



CHOW Sung Ming 鄒崇明 

Entangled trajectories of counter-hegemonic transformation: Dilemmas and choices of Fair Trade network in South East Asia 


HOU Liqi 侯力琪

New Workers’ Cultural Actions and the Formation of Their Class Consciousness: A case study based on Beijing Migrant Workers Home (BMWH)



The Shaman-Priest, the Market and the State: Constructing Ethnicity and Heritage among the Nuosu-Yi of Liangshan


LAI Ka Wai, Michael  黎家偉

From Social Entrepreneurship to Sharing Economy: Hong Kong Experience


LAM Bik Che 林碧芝

Fighting under the Blanket: Cultural Politics of Indonesian Migrant Workers Who are Trafficked into Hong Kong for Domestic Servitude


LEUNG Tong Lit Charles 梁鏜烈

Evaluation of Transplantation of a Positive Youth Development Program in the People's Republic of China


LI Jun 李隽

Media and Professional Discourses on Child Maltreatment in China: Implications for Child Protection in the Chinese Mainland


LI Ruozhu 禮若竹

Chinese Local Congresses in Urban Communities: Political Communication through the Liaison Station


LU Yiqing 陸依晴

Toward a sense of cohesiveness: The effects of intergroup ideologies on attachment to superordinate category, ingroup projection, and integration effort

LUKE Yeung Felix 陸洋

Differential Outcomes of Social Inhibition in Development: Interaction between Child Temperament and Maternal Parenting


MENG Ling 孟玲          

 “The Second Girl”: Politics of Individual Fatesunder Family Planning Policy


NG Ka Yan 伍嘉欣

Facilitating Adjustment: The Role of Self-complexity and Social Complexity



NOWAK Martyna Krystyna 金鳳

Gender Analysis of One Child Policy in China – Influence on Women in the Economically Developed Cities



Olivier Ruelle 路明

Gongyi as Social Integration: How Gongyi Actions Contribute to Social Integration Through Individual Sensemaking and Boundary Spanning



PAK Chui Man 白叙民

Surviving as a Professional in an Era of Manageralism: A Study of the Administrative Roles of Social Worker in Elderly Services of Hong Kong

PENG Juan 彭娟

Liminality and Transformative Habitus: The Case of Returned Women Migrant Workers in Qianjiang


RIMKUS Fenja Monique

The Role of Confucius Institutes in Africa: The Effects of Growing Chinese Involvement in Africa with Particular Focus on Zimbabwe and South Africa



In-betweenness? Children of Chinese Migrants and Their Experiences of Adaptation to Spanish Society



Narratives of the Good Life: Seeking the Idyllic Lifestyle in Today's China



Xu Heng 徐恒

Understanding China’s Rural Left-behind Youth's Subjective Expectation towards Senior Secondary School Education


XU Siyuan , Susie 徐思远       

The political economy of seeds: Paradigmatic shifts of seed governance and seed marketisation in China


YANG Chin-yi, Gina  楊靜怡

Migration for Education and Employment? - Decisions of Young People in Borderland Kinmen, Taiwan

YAU Tze Ken 丘梓勤

Bringing Ideology Back: Study of Labour NGOs in China


YEBOAH Sampson Addo

Understanding Child Protection in Ghana, a Focus on Education and Child Labour: Perspectives of Rural Caregivers


ZHANG Chi 張弛

Project title : Young Trauma in Constructing Masculinities: The Myth of Male Friendships in Emerging Adulthood in Hong Kong


ZHANG Yangyong 张洋勇

Empirical Research on Social Support Networks Building for NGO Practitioners in Mainland China


ZHU Yijie

Moral Balancing and Moral Consistency: The Role of Regulatory Focus and Psychological Entitlement




FENG Lei 馮雷

Rural Migrants, Rurality, and Social Imagination in Urban China


TSUI Tsz Chun 徐子晉

Who are the New Farmers/Return-to-village Youth? An Exploratory Study of their Implications on Social Economy Development in Hong Kong and Mainland China


YAU Tat Yu 游達裕

Using Interpersonal Process Recall to Study the Practice Knowledge of Gambling Counseling