Purviz & Rusy Shroff Scholarship

Application deadline: Noon on 1 June 2016 (Wed)

Quantity: 2 [2 full-time UGC-funded students. One is recommended based on Sem 1 CGPA, and the other one is recommended base on sem 2 CGPA.]
Amount: HKD 25,000- each

Application Eligibility
- BDSS, BASW, BASPA full-time students (UGC-funded undergraduate);
- Local students.

Selection Criteria
The selection will be based on academic merit, personal qualities, involvement in extra-curricular activities and community services.

Selection Procedures
1. APSS Scholarship Selection Panel will review all applications and nominate 2 students from full-time programmes with good academic merit, high involvement in extra-curricular activities and community services to receive the scholarship.
2. Final awardees are subject to the donors’ approval; and the donors reserve the right to withdraw the scholarships in case there is no deserving candidate or any other unforeseen circumstances;
3. Awardees will receive notification from SRRL on payment arrangement.

Application Method
The application documents must be well-typed and submitted IN HARD COPY to APSS General Office (HJ 402) by 12:00nn on 1 June 2016, Wednesday. During non-office hours, applicants should place their application documents to the mailbox next to the counter. The application documents include:

1.*Completed Application Form with true signature on Page 1 (click here to download);
2.*Copy of recent assessment results record OR academic transcript;
3. Other supporting documents: (Optional but highly preferred as reference)
3.1.List of non-academic achievement and personal statement (click here to download);
3.2 Copy of certificates or proof on extra-curricular activities and community services;
3.3 Proof of financial needs (e.g., government grants, loans, social security assistance etc)
(Item with * is compulsory.)

APSS will send an acknowledge email upon the receipt of application. If you hesitate whether the application is well received, please contact us ASAP.

Late application will not be considered.

Results Announcement
Applicants who do not receive notification by September 2016 should consider their applications unsuccessful.   

Email to info.apss@polyu.edu.hk or contact Emily SIU at 2766 5742.

*PolyU reserves the right to change or withdraw the scholarship at any time.  In case of any dispute/disagreement, PolyU’s decision is final.


May 2016