Dr. CHAN Chitat 陳智達博士

Assistant Professor

PhD (London)
MPhil (PolyU)
PgDip in Theatre Studies (HKU SPACE)

3400 3682

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in human services
Narrative practice
Youth services
Youth development
Self & Identity

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Narrative Practice

Social Work Theory & Practice

Human Behavior and Social Environment

Research Interests: 

Dr Chitat CHAN is an assistant professor at the Department of Applied Social Sciences of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. His research focuses on the interplay between new media technology (ICT) and human behaviour, particularly issues/interventions related to youth, self, and identity. He received his social work degree from the Hong Kong Baptist University, MPhil from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, and PhD from the Institute of Education, University of London. Before his academic career, he was a theatre practitioner, a school social worker, a secondary school teacher, and a manager in an education technology company. Dr. Chan’s unique career path presents a good blend of frontline, management, and academic experience, which makes him an effective leader in large scale projects requiring multidisciplinary and multilevel collaborations.

Selected Publications: 


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Book Chapters

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Current Research Projects : 

Chan, Chitat. (PI).  Ethical Challenges in Cyber Youth Work – An Exploratory Study(Departmental General Research Fund, APSS, PolyU, 2016-2017)

Chan, Chitat. (PI).  Evaluation Study of Cyber Youth Outreach Project (HKJC Charities Trust, 2015-2018)

Chan, Chitat. (PI).  Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in Human Services: Toward a Credit-bearing Course offered by APSS (Start-up Fund, PolyU, 2016-2019)

Chan, Chitat. (PI).  Digital Photo Story in Narrative Practice: A Pilot Trial (Professional Practice and Assessment Centre, PolyU, 2016-2017)

Chan, Chitat. (PI). Nurturing adolescents’ critical thinking disposition through youth media practice: A randomized controlled trial (ECS, RGC, 2017-2019)

Chan, Chitat. (PI). The Human Libraries Hub: A practice research project (HKJC Charities Trust, 2018-2020)

Professional & Community Service: 

Associate Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Technology in Human Services
Editorial Board Member, Research on Social Work Practice