Dr. LIN Li 林立博士

Research Assistant Professor


MEd (East China Normal University)

BS(Sun Yat-sen University)

2766 7740

Adolescence development
Positive youth development
Parent-child relationship
Service Leadership
Cultural influence
Program evaluation

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Service Leadership

Use and dissemination of psychological instrumentation in research and service contexts

Selected Publications: 

Lin, L., Huang, C., & Wang, Q. (forthcoming). Parenting in contemporary China: The dynamics of interdependence and independence. In N. Guerda, A. Bejarano, & D. Lee (eds.), Parenting practices across the globe. Routledge Press.

Shek, D. T. L, & Lin, L. (forthcoming). Family attributes, family functioning and positive youth development as predictors of adolescent self-harm: A longitudinal study in Hong Kong. In Lee, T.Y., Shek, D.T.L., & Sun, R.C.F. (eds.), Student Well-Being in Chinese Adolescents in Hong Kong. Singapore: Springer.

Shek, D. T. L, & Lin, L. (in press). Core beliefs in the Service Leadership Model proposed by the Hong Kong Institute of Service Leadership and Management. International Journal on Disability and Human Development.

Shek, D. T., Lin, L., & Liu, T. T. (2014). Service leadership education for university students in Hong Kong: subjective outcome evaluation. International Journal on Disability and Human Development, 13(4), 513-521.

Shek, D. T. L, & Lin, L. (2014). Development of delinquent behavior in early adolescents in Hong Kong. In D.T.L. Shek, R.C.F. Sun, & Ma, C.M.S. (eds.), Chinese adolescents in Hong Kong - Family life, psychological well-being and risk behavior (pp.111-131). Singapore: Springer.

Shek, D. T. L, & Lin, L. (2014). Personal well-being and family quality of life of early adolescents in Hong Kong: Do economic disadvantage and time matter? Social Indicators Research, 117(3), 795-809.

Shek, D. T., Ma, C., & Lin, L. (2014). The Chinese Adolescent Materialism Scale: Psychometric properties and normative profiles. International Journal on Disability and Human Development, 13(2), 285-295.

Wang, Q., Chan, H. W., & Lin, L. (2012). Antecedents of Chinese parents’ autonomy support and psychological control: The interplay between parents’ self-development socialization goals and adolescents’ school performance. Journal of Youth and Adolescence, 41, 1442–1454.

Current Research Projects : 

“Development and Validation of Measures Based on the Service Leadership Model” supported by the Victor and William Fung Foundation, HK$5,300,000. (Co-PI)

“Tin Ka Ping P.A.T.H.S. Project” supported by Tin Ka Ping Foundation, HK$8,000,000. (Co-I)

“The relationship between executive function and mathematical cognition in adolescents”  supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China for Young Scholar, RMB 250, 000 .(Co-I) 

Professional & Community Service: 

External member of the Centre for Chinese Family Studies in Hong Kong Institute of Asia-Pacific Studies, CUHK