Dr. NG Chi-wai, Eddie 吳智威博士

Research Assistant Professor

PhD (VU)
BSocSc (HKU)

2766 7736

Positive Youth Development;
Community Psychology;
Positive Psychology and Well-being;
Spirituality & Religion;


Community Psychology
Service Leadership 

Research Interests: 

Positive Youth Development

Underprivileged population

Spirituality and Well-being

Social and Community intervention

Intergenerational Solidarity

Selected Publications: 

Ng, E. C. W., Fisher, A. (In press). Protestant spirituality and well-being of people in Hong Kong: The mediating role of sense of community. Applied Research in Quality of Life.
Ng, E. C. W., Lai, M. K., Lau, S. Y., Chan, C. C (2015). Psychology Responds to Intergenerational Poverty in Hong Kong: Strengthening Organizational Capability. In O’Neill Berry, M., McWha, I., Maynard, D. (Ed). Humanitarian Work Psychology and the Global Development Agenda: Case Studies and Interventions. Psychology Press.
Ng, E. C. W., Chan, C. C. (2015). The gratitude of underprivileged young people in Hong Kong: The potential role of religious mentors. Journal of Psychology and Theology. 43, 140-147. .
Au, A., Ng, E., Garner, B., Lai, S., & Chan, K. (2015). Proactive Aging and Intergenerational Mentoring Program to Promote the Well-Being of Older Adults: Pilot Studies. Clinical Gerontologist, 38(3), 203-210.
Au, A., Ng, E., Lai, S., Tsien, T., Busch, H., Hofer, J., Wu, W. (2015). Goals and Life Satisfaction of Hong Kong Chinese Older Adults. Clinical Gerontologist, 38(3), 224-234.
Ng, E. C. W., Lai, M. K.,, Chan, C. C. (2014) Effectiveness of mentorship program on underprivileged children in Hong Kong. Children and Youth Service Review. 47, 268-273.
Ng, E. C. W., Madyaningrum. M.(2014). Initiating Transformative Process through Community Education Program: Two Cases from Asia. Journal of Community Psychology.42, 609-620.
Ng, E. C. W., Chan, C. C., Lai, M. K. (2014) Hope and life satisfaction among underprivileged children in Hong Kong: The mediating role of perceived community support. Journal of Community Psychology.42, 352-364
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Ng, E. C. W. (2000). Portraits of the Son – The Story of the Poor. HK: Hong Kong Christian Council.

Current Research Projects : 

Faith Based Mentoring Study (funded by Hong Kong Christian Network for the Poor)

Professional & Community Service: 

American Psychological Association

Australian Psychological Society

Global Organisation for Humanitarian Work Psychology

Hong Kong Church Network for the Poor