Mrs. TSIEN WONG Bik-kwan, Teresa 錢黃碧君女士

Professor of Practice (Gerontology)

MSW (Hawaii)
MPH (Hawaii)
CSW (New York)
RSW (Hong Kong)

2766 5760

Mental health
Dementia Care
Carer Support 
Active Ageing


Aging and Social Work
Introduction to Ageing and Gerontology

Selected Publications: 

"香港長者面面觀"中華人民共和國國慶五十九週年暨第一屆中醫防治老年疾病研討會論文集 (referred)

“Older Adults as Caregivers in Hong Kong” by Tsien, T and  Ng, GT, China Journal of Social Work Vol. 3 No. 2/3 pp 231-245  (refereed)

“Families Dealing with Dementia: Insights from Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan” In Eggleston K and Tuljapurkar S., eds, Aging Asia: the Economic and social Implications of 
Rapid Demographic change in China, Japan and South Korea
, by D. Gallagher-Thompson, M Tzuang, 

A. Au, D.Wang, T. Tsien, PC Wang and Y Huang.   The Walter H. Shorenstein Asia-Pacific Research Centre Books, USA, 157 – 176 ISBN 978-1-931368-20 9 (refereed)

“Care for Elderly Women” The Voice  St James Settlement Vol. no. 391“

Life Long Learning” The Voice, St James Settlement Vol. no 392

“Older Adults as Caregivers in Hong Kong” by Teresa B.K. Tsien and Guat-tin Ng, reprinted as a book chapter in Nancy Morrow-Howell & Ada Mui eds, Productive Aging Engagement in later Life – a Global Perspective   Routledge  Taylor & Francis Group

錢黃碧君,黃月珍  “作為照顧提供者的香港老年人” 高鑒國主編, 老齡生產性參與:全球視野 中國社會出版社

Au, A &  Tsien,T “Evaluation on the Effectiveness of Services Provided by Community Support Services to Fulfill the Needs of Young Elders “ Social Welfare Development Fund of Social Welfare Department 

Au, A., Tsien, T., Lam, C. “Life Satisfaction in Hong Kong Older Adults”. International Conference on Productive Aging. Invited Presentation

“Coping strategies and social support-seeking behaviour among Chinese caring for older people with dementia” by Au, A,  Shardlow, S, Tend, Y, Tsien, T and Chan, C  Ageing and Society / DOI: 10.1017/S0144686X12000724, Published online: 26 July 2012 Vol 33, Issue 08, Nov 2013 pp. 1422-1441 Cambridge University Press


Au, A. & Tsien, T. “Goals and Successful Aging.” Hong Kong Gerontological Association Annual Conference

Invited Presentation as Best Paper for the Conference “Dementia Caregiving in Hong Kong” presented at the 16TH ASIA PACIFIC REGIONAL CONFERENCE OF ALZHEIMER’S DISEASE INTERNATIONAL Hong Kong 


“ Older Adults as caregivers in Hong Kong” Productive Engagement in Later Life: A Global Perspective (Google eBook) Nancy Morrow-Howell, Ada C. Mui Routledge 2014 – social Science – 240 pages 

“Ageing in Place in Hong Kong” Annual Scientific Conference on Ageing, Singapore

“Study on the Training Needs of Older Adults ” commissioned by Employee Retraining Board.   By AU. A., and Tsien. T

HKU, PolyU, Lingnan U and City U “Review of Elderly Services in Hong Kong” Commissioned by Elderly Commission  

Hofer, Busch, Au A., Poláčková Šolcová I, Tavel P, Tsien T. “For the benefit of others: Generativity and meaning in life in the elderly in four cultures.” Psychology of Aging. 29(4), Dec 2014, 764-775 


Au, A., Ng, E., Lai, S., Tsien, T. & Hofer J. “Goals and Life Satisfaction of the Hong Kong Chinese Older Adults”. In A. Au. & D. Gallagher-Thompson (Eds.) Special Issue on Working with Older Adults: Innovations and Implementations. Clinical Gerontologist, 38 (3), 224-234.


Au, A, Yip HM, Chan, WC, Bai, X & Tsien, T Ageing & Mental Health: Challenges and Innovations in Hong Kong" in Li, W, Cummings, S, Ponnuswami, I & Park, HJ (Eds) Ageing & Mental Health: Global Perspectives, Nova Science Publishing, Inc.

Professional & Community Service: 

Public Service

Opportunities for Elderly Project Advisory Committee (2016-18)
Social Welfare Department

YautsimMong Elderly Services Committee (2016-18)
Social Welfare Department

YauTsimMong Healthy Ageing City Committee (2016-18)
Home Affairs Bureau

Radio HK Programme Advisory Panel (2016-18)

Member , Kowloon City District Fight Crime Committee  (2011-now)          

Home Affairs Bureau                                                                       

Member, Advisory Committee for the Smart Elderly Scheme, Office of the Government Chief Information Officer    (2014 – now)

Member, Financial Competency Framework working Group, Investor Education Centre, Securities and Futures Commission  (2015- now)

Member, Social Welfare Advisory Committee   (2007-2013)

Member, Community Chest   (2005-2012)

Member, Guardianship Board ( 2005 – 2012)


Professional Service


British Journal of Social Work

Hong Kong Nursing Journal

The Hong Kong Journal of Social Work

Central Policy Unit, HKSAR


Community Service

Founder and President

WINGS HK (Women’s Initiatives for Ageing Successfully)


Senior Citizen Home Safety Association


Hon. Treasurer
 Hong Kong Alzheimer's Disease Association


Chairman,   Education Committee                                                                                                            

TST Kaifong Welfare Association        



Elderly Division, Evangelical Lutheran Church Social Service, Hong Kong

Dementia Project  (Sik Sik Yuen; Hong Kong Family Welfare Society: Caritas Hospital; Kwai Chung Hospital and Shamshuipo District Board Women Service Association

Elderly Division, SKH Holy Carpenter Church District Elderly Community Centre

Elderly Division, The Neighborhood Advice-Action Council

The Hong Kong Joint Council of Parents of the Mentally Handicapped

Dementia Project, SKH Lady Maclehose Centre

Hong Kong Social Worker and Welfare Worker Union

Hong Kong Sustainable Development Institute

Project Concern

Banyan Elderly Services Association

Elderly Service,  HONG KONG Christian Service 


Committee Member

Elderly Committee, Hong Kong Council of Social Service

Cheung Muk Tau Holiday Centre for the Elderly, Helping Hand

Financial Competency Framework working Group, Investor Education Centre

Scouts Association of Hong Kong Services Promotion Committee