Master of Arts in Social Work (Family-centred Practice and Family Therapy)

Programme Code

54047-FTF(Full-time) / FTP(Part-time)

Mode of Study

Programme Leader
Dr Sowa NGAI



Normal Duration (Part-time mode): 3 years or 6 semesters
Credits Required for Award: 30

MASW(FCPFT) (preparing for application for AAMFT Clinical Membership)
Normal Duration (Part-time mode): 3 years with summer terms
Credits Required for Award: 44

Normal Duration (Part-time mode): 1.5 years or 3 semesters
Credits Required for Award: 21




The emphasis of this Specialism is on ‘scholarship in practice’ in teaching and learning, and on the development of reflective and competent practitioners working with couples and families. 

The programme of this Specialism develops reflective and competent practitioners who possess the following abilities:

a) Contextual reflection:
the ability to recognize the unique features in the social, cultural, and political contexts of human service practice working with individuals, couples and families, and to
reflect on the implications that these contexts have both theory and practice;
b) Relating theory to practice:
the ability to go beyond ‘espoused theories’ and systematically test, reflect and develop them into personalized ‘theories-in-use’ in a specific practice domain;
c) Recognizing the complexity and inter-connectedness of problems and issues:
the ability to relate one’s specialism to the context of professional practice and to the Hong Kong community as a whole, and to appreciate the ethnical and value considerations
underlying their practice when working with individuals, couples and families; and
d) Evolving personalized styles and framework of practice:
the ability to continually reflect on one’s professional self and to transform practice theories into new ideas and methods which are congruent with one’s personal style of practice and
with the evolving practice context.



a) A Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work, Social Sciences, and Nursing (with psychiatric nursing experience).
b) Relevant work experience is desirable.



To be eligible for the award of Master of Arts in Social Work (Family-centred Practice and Family Therapy), students are required to complete 6 required subjects (including an Integrative Project) and 4 elective subjects (total of 30 credits). Students who have successfully completed 21 credits (including 5 required subjects and 2 elective subjects) can apply early exit with a Postgraduate Diploma in Social Work (Family-centred Practice and Family Therapy). 

Students who wish to prepare to apply for Clinical Membership in the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy (AAMFT) must complete 6 required subjects (including an Integrative Project), 6 elective subjects and 3 subjects in clinical training (total 44 credits). Clinical Training consists of 300 practicum hours and 500 hours of clinical internship. For each Clinical Internship period, students undergo 250 direct practice hours with 50 hours of group supervision. 

* To apply for AAMFT Clinical Fellowship, students are advised to refer to the current course and clinical training requirement as stipulated by the AAMFT by visiting the Association’s official website. A number of our program graduates have successfully obtained the Clinical Fellow membership from the AAMFT.

The details of the Programme can be DOWNLOADED here.



The Programme has been fully accredited by the Hong Kong Professional Counselling Association (HKPCA). Graduates who have completed the Practicum course will fulfil a total of 180 supervised practice hours as required by HKPCA to qualify as an HKPCA Certified Counsellor.

Programme graduates are eligible to apply for membership in the Hong Kong Marriage and Family Therapy Association (HKMFTA).

Programme graduates (44 credits) fulfil the coursework requirement and half of the supervised direct client contact hours requirement for Clinical Membership in the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy (AAMFT). 



The MASW(FCPFT) programme provides students with opportunities to gain the latest knowledge, develop specialist skills, and become reflective, competent practitioners/therapists working with individuals, couples and families challenged by complex problems. The learning experiences will facilitate students to improve the quality of their service, and to meet the continuous education requirements stipulated by professional and licensing bodies. This programme will also allow students to pave a career path with an option to become a private practitioner in helping individuals and families in need.



Prospective applicants can obtain the application material and submit online applications via Study@PolyU during the Application Period. 

Application Period  > Postgraduate Programmes > Select a Programme 

Late applications will be considered subject to availability of places.


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Please contact Ms Carol CHAN at 2766 5715 or e-mail to Ms Angel SHING at for enquiry.