Master of Social Work

Programme Code


Mode Of Study

Normal Duration
3 Years

Credits Required For Award 
36 (including 8 clinical field credits)

Programme Leader
Dr CHAN Chitat

- This programme (from the 2017  intake onward) is currently  under the Social Workers Registration Board's regular qualification recognition review.






The aims of the MSW programme are to nurture students to become generic and reflective practitioners in social work, with a strong commitment to social work values and to pursuing “scholarship in practice”. Facing today’s unpredictable and changing society, our students are expected to go beyond the existing paradigms and skills, and to develop innovative ideas and practical methods in order to assist their clients in negotiating and overcoming adversities in their daily lives.



This programme is designed for Bachelor’s degree holders who would like to pursue a social work qualification on a part-time basis.

In this programme, students integrate theory and practice and to generate new theoretical and practical insights to improve professional practice. The Programme endeavours to nurture students with the following capacities and qualities:

1) Contextual reflection:
the ability to recognize the unique features of the social, cultural and political contexts of human service practice and their implications for both theory and practice.
2) Relate theory to practice:
the ability not just to possess “espoused theories”, but systematically to test, reflect on these theories and to develop them into personalized “theories-in-use” in a specific
practice domain.
3) Recognising the complexity and inter-connectedness of problems and issues:
the ability to relate one’s knowledge and skills to the context of professional social practice, the local community, the Chinese mainland and the international community as a whole, and to appreciate the ethical and value considerations underlying professional practice.
4) Evolving personalized styles and frameworks of practice:
the ability to continually reflect on and integrate one’s professional self, personal values and life experiences, and hence be able to transform practice theories into new ideas and methods which are congruent with one’s personal style of practice and within the evolving practice context.which are congruent with one’s personal style of practice and within th e evolving practice context.



a) Individualized learning path;
b) Interactive teaching and learning methods;
c) Interdisciplinary exposure;
d) Investigation of social problems from professional perspectives;
e) Indigenous knowledge and skills in professional practice



A Bachelor’s Degree from a recognized university



Graduates are eligible to apply for registration as Registered Social Workers (RSW) in Hong Kong.



To be eligible for the award, students must complete 12 Required Subjects and 1 Elective Subject (for a total of 36 credits).

The details of the Programme can be DOWNLOADED here.



Prospective applicants can obtain the application material and submit online applications via Study@PolyU during the Application Period. 

Application Period  > Postgraduate Programmes > Select a Programme 

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- Applications are considered  on  a rolling  basis. Shortlisted  candidates will be invited  to attend an interview in one of these two time periods: i) 9,­ 10 & 13, ­14 February 2017, or ii) 20­, 21 & 24  April 2017. Qualified  candidates will be notified  of their results via the eAdmission. Once all vacancies are filled, the remaining qualified applicants will be put on a waiting list. Applicants are advised to submit their applications as early as possible.



Please contact Ms LEE Suk Wai at 2766 5714 or e-mail to Ms Angel SHING at for enquiry.