Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Applied Ageing Studies and Service Management (UGC-funded)


For Non-JUPAS Applicants via Senior Year Entry*

MODE OF STUDY: Full-time
NORMAL CREDITS REQUIRED FOR AWARD : 63 (The credits required for graduation vary according to each student’s AD/HD results and subjects taken.)
FUND TYPE :  UGC-funded
* Students not meeting the equivalent standard of the undergraduate degree LCR based on their previous studies in AD/HD programmes and their academic performance will be required to take additional credits (6 in English and 3 in Chinese) on top of the programme's normal credit requirements.



The overall aim of this programme is to develop and prepare students with multidisciplinary competence, and the capacity of social innovation and entrepreneurship to work with the increasingly diverse ageing populations; to equip students with a full scope of knowledge, skills and abilities to plan, deliver, manage, evaluate and coordinate active ageing and care services across social and health care settings and in the growing "silver market", and to meet the emerging needs of the ageing society.



The main features of the programme are as follows:
a) Broad-based and multidisciplinary approach has been used, and the curriculum covers four important themes including i) ageing and social policy, ii) active ageing and health promotion, iii) leadership and management in ageing services, and iv) social innovations and entrepreneurship in silver industries.
b) Multidisciplinary academic and professional teaching team has been formed with expertise in gerontology, social work, social policy, service management and administration, sociology, nursing, rehabilitation science, psychology, design, hotel and tourism management, financial management and technology. 
c) A 240-hour Work-Integrated Education (WIE) (i.e., Applied ageing studies and service management internship) and capstone project are arranged for promoting better integration of knowledge into practice.
The Department offers internship and overseas opportunities both in the Mainland China and overseas.



Once students have successfully completed the programme, they will be eligible to apply for admission to the Master programmes.

Graduates are eligible to apply for admission to the Master of Arts in Social Policy and Social Development, Master of Social Work and Master of Philosophy programs.



An Associate Degree or a Higher Diploma in a relevant discipline from a recognized institution.

Preference will be given to graduates from social sciences, social work, psychology, policy and administration, service management, guidance & counselling, and health sciences. 



Graduates can seek employment in human services, government agencies, voluntary and non-governmental organizations, social enterprises or companies in the private sector providing services and products for the ageing population.


Professional Core
• Ageing, Family and Society
• Health and Ageing
• Legal Aspects of Human Services
• Management in Human Services
• Marketing Strategies and Skills in Human Services
• Participatory Design and Innovation in an Ageing Society
• Physical Activity and Practice for Active Ageing
• Psychology and Ageing
• Skills and Practice of Working with Older Adults
• Social Policy and Social Care for an Ageing Society
• Social Research Methods
• Special Seminars on Ageing and Service Management

Professional Electives (choose 2 subjects)
• Corporate Social Responsibility
• Financial Management in Human Services
• Programme Planning & Evaluation
• Social Capital
• Social Entrepreneurship and Enterprise

Work-Integrated Education (Clinical/Field Training)
• Applied Ageing Studies and Service Management Internship

Capstone Project
• Capstone Project for Applied Ageing Studies and Service Management


The details of the Programme can be DOWNLOADED here.



Please contact Ms Angela CHAN at 2766 5717 or e-mail to Ms Winnie Fung at for enquiry of this programme.

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