Broad Discipline of Social Sciences (UGC-funded)

For JUPAS Applicants

MODE OF STUDY: Full-time

119 (plus 15 clinical/field credits) for BA (Hons) in Social Work
112 (plus 9 clinical/field credits) for BA (Hons) in  Social Policy and Administration

FUND TYPE :    UGC-funded
PROGRAMME LEADER:    Prof. CHAN Yuk Chung & Dr TAM Kin Yuen, Raymond

(This programme is phasing out with the last intake in 2016)




We prepare our students to be professionally competent, versatile, adaptive and reflective to meet the fast-changing needs of society. The programme curriculum is designed to cultivate students' humanistic values, and equip them with the necessary knowledge and skills to be competent human service professionals in their chosen fields. With wide exposure to different domains of knowledge and interdisciplinary issues, students are able to think from different perspectives and solve complex problems in real-life situations. Our graduates, while having a strong commitment to the betterment of society and humankind, are competent in the flexible and creative use of information, resources, knowledge and practical skills in professional practice. 



Students are provided with the opportunities to pursue a professional study plus a significant component of study in other areas to cater for their different learning needs, interests and abilities. In addition to subjects that build basic interpersonal and communication skills and enhance the ability to work with uncertainty, this programme has a strong social science foundation to develop the critical and analytical thinking of students and to broaden their knowledge. 

Students are initially admitted to the Broad Discipline of Social Sciences with their target awards declared at the end of their first year of study, and there is no further assessment for admission to the target awards. 

Subject to the specific requirements of the target awards and the professional bodies, students are eligible to graduate with one of the following awards: 

BA(Hons) in Social Work; or 
BA(Hons) in Social Policy and Administration. 

The Department offers placement opportunities both in the Mainland China and overseas.



Satisfy the University’s general entrance requirements of 4 core and 1 elective subjects with:
•    Level 3 in English Language and Chinese Language; and 
•    Level 2 in Mathematics, Liberal Studies and one elective subject


Graduates of the BA(Hons) in Social Work award are eligible for registration with the Social Workers Registration Board (SWRB) as Registered Social Workers (RSWs). With this qualification, they are employable as Assistant Social Work Officers or the equivalent. 

Graduates of the BA(Hons) in Social Policy and Administration programme are eligible to apply mid-level administrative and managerial posts in the goverment , Public and non-government organizations. They are also prepared for specific posts in human resource management, marketing and policy research in human service organizations. 

Graduates of both awards are suitable for a variety of human service posts in public and private organizations.



Students are initially admitted to the Broad Discipline of Social Sciences with target awards declared at the end of the first year broad discipline study. During the 4-year study, students are expected to complete 112 credits plus 9 clinical/field credits for the award of BASPA or complete 119 credits plus 15 clinical/field credits for the award of BASW.

First year of study

Other than the General University Requirements, students are required to take the subjects listed below:

Core subjects (for students who opt for BASPA or BASW award)

  • Self Understanding and Communication Skills
  • Introduction to Social Services in Hong Kong
  • Introduction to Psychology
  • Introduction to Sociology
  • Introduction to Social Work

Elective subjects (for students who opt for BASPA award)

  • Introduction to Politics
  • Introduction to Economics


From Second year of study onwards

Students are required to take the remaining subjects for their final award. The respective programme structure can be downloaded here: BASPA  / BASW .



Please contact Ms Angela CHAN at 2766 5717 or e-mail to Miss Phoebe Leung at for enquiry of this programme.

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