Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Applied Psychology (Self-financed)


MODE OF STUDY :  Part-time


CREDITS REQUIRED FOR AWARD (including training credits) **: 64


* Note : The normal duration will differ depending on the number of credits transfered from relevant previous studies.

(This programme is phasing out with the last intake in 2014)



This programme aims at providing students with broad-based knowledge and skills in applied psychology, with an emphasis on self-reflection and real-life applications in both indigenous and Western contexts. It is designed to enrich students with psychological knowledge of different themes, to cultivate students’ creative and critical thinking, and to equip them with skills that are necessary to investigate, describe, explain, and predict problems and issues of human behaviour and mind. Graduates should be able to demonstrate their competence in the essential knowledge, investigative skills and ethical attitudes in conducting evidence-based psychological research, to develop a career in psychology, or to pursue advanced studies in a specific field of psychology.



1 acquire the essential knowledge, theories and concepts pertinent to understanding psychological processes;
2 gain an understanding of psychological knowledge and the required competence in working as informed leaders, supervisors, innovators and educators in human service professionals;
3 achieve a good appreciation in and understanding of the historical development of psychology which shapes contemporary human service practices and endeavours in different cultures;
4 develop a heightened awareness of the relationships between psychology and varying social needs and become informed about the applicability of psychology to address major problems and critical issues in indigenous culture on national and global level;
5 acquire a sound foundation in the basic values and ethical stance relating to different psychological perspectives and professional obligations;
6 prepare for life-long education through critical and creative thinking, and independent reflections of knowledge on the patterns and differences of psychological issues.



a) A good generic foundation of knowledge and skills in applied psychology, with a sharpened emphasis on integration of theory and practice;
b) A strong social science foundation which strengthens the students’ analytical ability and informs them about the psycho-socio-cultural contexts of psycho-social needs and problems;
c) Persistently strives to develop both cognitive abilities and skills and the capacity to feel, empathize and appreciate.



Holders of a Diploma or an Associate Degree in a relevant discipline from any recognised post-secondary institution. Preference will be given to those with a Credit or above.



-This programme is offered within the BA(Hons) Scheme in Applied Social Sciences.
-Students are required to produce supporting documents for English language proficiency, such as scores in local public examinations, IELTS, TOEFL, GCE etc.
-The 2014-15 intake will be the last cohort of intake of this programme. Students admitted in 2014-15 are expected to complete the programme within 4 years. Some subjects may not be offered after this 4-year normal study period.

-The programme curriculum is being revamped.  The new curriculum is subject to approval.



The curriculum includes classroom lectures, web-assisted learning and teaching, tutorials and the option of a thesis based on applied psychological studies. All subjects carry 3 credits each, except the thesis which carries 6 credits. If students choose the final-year thesis, they are required to carry out an independent research project based on their selected topic of interest in applied psychology.

The details of the Programme can be DOWNLOADED here.



Holders of the Bachelor’s Degree of Arts (Honours) in Applied Psychology will be eligible to apply for graduate membership of The Hong Kong Psychological Society, and basic membership of some overseas psychological societies.



In view of the increasingly complex human needs and problems, there is a rising demand for professional personnel with a strong background in applied psychology. With the qualification, graduates will be employable for a variety of human services and applied research positions in social services, academic institutions, and private organizations.



Please contact Ms CHAN Kwan at 2766 5781 or e-mail Ms Florence LIU at