Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Social Policy and Administration (PT) (Self-financed)


(for Sept 2016 entry)


MODE OF STUDY : Part-time


NORMAL CREDITS REQUIRED FOR AWARD  :  73* (including 9 clinical/field credits)

FUND TYPE : Self-financed

PROGRAMME LEADER  :  Dr Leung Chuen Suen, Zeno

(This programme is phasing out with the last intake in 2015)

*Students not meeting the equivalent standard of the Undergraduate Degree Language and Communication Requirements (LCR) based on their previous studies in Associate Degree/Higher Diploma programmes and their academic performance will be required to take additional credits (up to 6 credits in English and 3 credits in Chinese) on top of the programme's normal credit requirements.



Students will learn to become effective, efficient and caring professional practitioners and professionals in human services who are responsible for accessing, analysing, formulating and implementing policies for mitigating social problems and improving social well being.

Students are expected to develop critical skills with a global perspective, uphold core professional values, master interpersonal communication and problem-solving skills, and acquire a thorough understanding of the processes of social policy and administration.



The curriculum of this programme is designed to integrate theory and practice, allowing students to work in practicum with a broad range of human service organizations, including government departments, NGOs and think tanks as well as private organizations providing social welfare, health care and housing services, engage in research in labour relations, education, consumer and environment protection as well as developing policies on corporate social responsibility. Through these efforts students can develop a realistic appreciation of technocratic and human concerns, balancing profit motives and sense of mission in analysing and administering social policies in both private and public sectors and the civil society.

Students are also eligible to apply for overseas placement opportunties when available.



This programme is offered by the Department of Applied Social Sciences (APSS) of PolyU, and is administered by PolyU SPEED. Upon successful completion of the programme, the degree will be awarded by The Hong Kong Polytechnic University.



An Associate Degree or a Higher Diploma in a relevant discipline from a recognized institution.



Students can choose subjects from the two streams “Social Policy and Civil Society” and “Planning and Administration”. The former enables them to focus on researching designated policy areas such as housing, welfare, health, education and the environment, while the latter sees them working in administrative areas in implementing human resource development, programme planning and evaluation, marketing, financial management, information and knowledge management. Alternatively, students may choose not to specialize in any stream by taking a mix of subjects from the Stream Core and Stream Electives.

The details of the Programme can be DOWNLOADED here.



Classes are normally scheduled on weekday evenings and Saturdays at the PolyU Hung Hom Bay Campus or PolyU West Kowloon Campus.



Graduates are eligible to apply for admission into the various master programmes offered by the Department including the Master of Arts in Social Policy and Social Development, Master of Social Work and Master of Philosophy.



Graduates of this programme typically choose from 6 possible career paths: 

1. As administrative or executive officers in the various departments of the Hong Kong government responsible for planning and conducting policy research, public consultation, community engagement, policy analysis and policy option development; and as research and administrative officers or assistants assisting elected councillors in the legislative and district councils;

2. As policy, research and administrative personnel in the non-government sector, including those NGOs and think tanks working for social development, advocating better social policy making, delivering effective and efficient human services and evaluating social service programmes;

3. As managers in private business responsible for developing, implementing, managing and evaluating corporate social responsibility policies and social/human services programmes;

4. As journalists and research assistants for programmes reporting current affairs or policy analysis in mass media such as newspaper and television; 

5. As research associates, officers and assistants for academics and key research centres locally and overseas in charge of implementing, managing and supervising policy research and evaluation; and 

6. As postgraduate students in local and overseas universities researching social policy issues and social development. 




For enquiry of programme information, please contact Miss Kwan Chan at 2766 5781 or email to Miss Winnie Fung at

For enquiry of admission and other administrative matters, please contact SPEED at 3400 2828 or email to